National Anthem

As a classically-trained baritone, I’ve had the honor of performing the national anthem 50 times for over 320,000 fans at events ranging from professional baseball games to NCAA championships. It is always my goal to kick things off right each and every time with a powerful yet traditional rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. I believe in adding tasteful dramatic touches only where they serve the meaning of the piece: a moment of tension as we anticipate the flag’s fate through the night, or a small ornament to evoke visions of its fluttering in the wind. These stylistic choices enhance the impact of the text while still preserving the story it was meant to tell.

As a Bay Area resident for the past three years, I have performed multiple times for the Oakland A’s–most recently for a marquee weekend matchup with the visiting Chicago Cubs in August, 2016. I’m so grateful to the A’s organization for giving me the opportunity to sing for a second MLB franchise (the first being the Chicago White Sox). While I was growing up, my family traveled to see baseball games at all thirty MLB ballparks; I hope to visit them all again to sing the anthem!

“He had kind of that Irish tenor sound today; that was a good rendition of the anthem.” – Ron Coomer, Chicago Cubs Radio Analyst

I enjoy performing our national anthem before all events, big and small. If you’re interested in my rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at your event, please contact me at!